Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Although nowadays there are so many ways nowadays which we can use to meet people online and do our business meetings but still there are conditions where we need to meet face to face so we can say business travel is one of the extra expense for businessman, which they need to bear sometimes. But if they plan carefully not only they can reduce their costs but also make them profitable also.
As we all know there are four main expenses during business travel

On AIR Travel: Try to plan and schedule your air travel among a week ago, because last minute travel expense is always expensive. Use coupon websites, deals to book the flights. Try to avoid add-on charges like luggage charges, meals charges. Always keep your luggage small, take only important things with you related to your business trips. Try to stick with same airlines or travel website so you can use their loyalty programs or reward points. If you go airport by your car keep the free parking or low-cost parking things in your mind. Services like Flight Car or Premier Parking really helps to reduce your parking costs. Last but not least sign up with airfare email notifications.
On GROUND Transportation:  Ground transportation is another expense which can relate with business trips expenses which can be reduced or avoid by using some of the simple tricks like the book a hotel that provides an airport shuttle. Use cabs like UBER, OLA instead of regular taxis. Use the right prepaid card, credit card to book your cab.
On Hotels: While booking air ticket you should do hotel booking. Coupon websites like hotelcoupons.com, highway coupons or makemytrip.com offer combo deals or specifically for hotels.Other ways are bidding on two or three hotels like book one hotel and make the reservation which you can cancel 24- 48 hours before check in, and can ask other hotels in the way that you have already reservation and if they give you cheap rates you can cancel your reservations. If you get cheap prices you can go back to your hotel and ask them to reduce more drop in price.
On Meals: Most of the hotels offers breakfast in the buffet form, eat them properly, so you can take light lunch or dinner. Breakfast is any way the most important meal of the day so you can take heavy breakfasts. Also, use online coupons, check nearby grocery stores of your hotel, and menu before selecting the hotels.
I know it’s very easy to say all these things and difficult to attempt especially for a businessman who has already a lot of tasks but you can take help of your secretary or office admins. You can tell them to sign up with such coupon or deals websites so they can inform you timely and you can arrange your business trips accordingly.

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